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Every athlete’s mental training will look different. Each of us have different goals, strengths, and weaknesses, because for this there are several different options of training programs to fit your needs. Each mental training program is specifically designed by your mental performance coach. Mental training programs designed by Summits of the Mind can include the following: 

  • Personalized and unique weekly training plan

  • Group Forum video calls 

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with your coach (Video chat or in person)

  • Weekly mental training skill building tasks

  • Observation of performance (Video chat or in person)

  • Survey and evaluation

  • Monthly plans include weekly phone and message communication during standard business hours with your performance coach

What Clients Say

"I have really appreciated this process. I was initially a little nervous about entering into the program because I feared it would be too much like therapy. Instead of just listening to me whine and moan about my climbing, Suzu was able to provide insight and connect my weeks to meaningful tasks which helped me grow."
-Dean R.
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