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Summits of the Mind was founded by accomplished climbing coach and mental skills professional, Suzu Cornella.  Suzu first discovered climbing at age 5 on mother-daughter outdoor climbing trips. Her passion for climbing and the outdoors fused when she joined the local youth climbing team in Southern California and developed a deep camaraderie with her teammates. Over the next 15 years she competed in the USAC competition series up to the International IFSC level. This experience blossomed into a rewarding career within the climbing community. After teaching 5th grade Science Suzu shifted to full-time coaching indoor and outdoor climbers, working mostly with youth competition climbers at the National level for over 10 years. In 2015, Suzu became the first female route setter in the history of Movement Climbing and Fitness where she also coached the youth competition teams. During her time there as a coach, athlete, and route setter, she found that the mental skills necessary to perform at a high level are essential in helping athletes achieve their goals. In order to better support the athletes she works with Suzu received her Master's of Science degree in Applied Sport Psychology. 


With Summits of the Mind LLC, Suzu offers services to help athletes of all levels, sports and disciplines better mentally perform whether it be in competition, post injury, or anywhere the competitive edge of the honed body and mind are at work. In addition to being a competitive climber, Suzu is also an avid mountain biker, runner, snowboarder and all-around mountain athlete who utilizes her diverse perspective to understand  the variety of struggles and the necessary mental skills needed to summit any challenge.  


Master's of Science in Applied Sport Psychology

2020 Adams State University

Bachelors of Science in Education

2013 Northern Arizona University

USAC Level 2 Coach Certification 

USAC Level 3 Route Setter Certification

Competition Achievements


2016 Team USA Sport Climbing National Team 

  •    65th- World Championships (Paris, France)​


2010 Team USA Speed Climbing National Team

  •   14th- World  Championships (Edinburgh,Scotland)​


2008 Team USA Sport Climbing National Team    

  • 6th- Continental Championships (Montreal,Canada)​


2019 Open Sport Nationals- Alexandria, VA


2019 Collegiate Nationals - Murfreesboro, TN

  • 8th -  Sport 

  • 14th - Speed  


2017 Open Sport Nationals- Denver, CO


2016 Open Sport Nationals- Boston, MA


2014 Open Bouldering - Colorado Springs, CO


Outdoor Achievements

Suzu has also sent V10 and 5.13b outdoors

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